The 2nd International Import& Export Food Policy, Laws and Regulations Summit 2016
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The 2nd International Import& Export Food Policy, Laws and Regulations Summit 2016



As the highest level summit in the area of import and export food policy, laws and regulations in China, the main aims of “ International Import and Export Food Policy, Laws and Regulations Summit (IFPS) ” are to analyze and discuss laws and regulations of China on food importing and exporting, and export policies of overseas countries towards China, and to open green channel and cooperation platform for overseas industry organizations and enterprises to get market access to China. The 1st session of IFPS was successfully held in Shanghai on June 9th, 2015. During the period of the summit, nearly 500 representatives from AQSIQ, CFDA, “Chinese Ministry of Agriculture”, CNCA, “General Administration of Customs”, Foreign governments, technical experts, industry organizations and influential enterprises analyzed and discussed several topics including “Chinese Importing Food Policy and Regulations Interpretation”, “China Farm Produce Safety Regulations”, “Analysis of Hygiene Registration Laws and Regulations for Foreign Food Manufacturers”, “Smuggling Control of Meat Products”, “Risk Management of Oversea Food Safety”.
The 2nd International Import& Export Food Policy, Laws and Regulations Summit(IFPS) , which initiated by “General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) ” -China Entry& Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association(CIQA) and organized by Shanghai Golden Commercial Exhibition Co., Ltd will be held in Shanghai, China on June 13th, 2016. Relevant administrations and industry associations from China, USA, France, Germany, Denmark,Spain, Brazil, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand,etc. are invited to participate in to discuss and analyze the food import& export policies and laws of China and export-to-China trade policies of regarded overseas countries. Nearly thousands of representatives of import& export food industry, government departments, industry organizations and technical experts from more than 40 countries and regions will participate in it.

  Hot Topic    
●AAnalysis of China Food Importing& exporting Status
●Analysis of Import& export Food Policy, Laws and Regulations
●Interpretation of new《Food Safety Law》
●Trade Policies of Overseas Official Food Organizations
●Prospect of International Import& export Food Industry Chain Establishing
●Analysis of Hygiene Registration Laws and Regulations for Foreign Food Manufacturer
  Sponsor Benefits    

★Top Industry Summit, Laying the VIP Leading Status
★Face to Face Meeting with Multi-national Government Leaders
★Meeting with Outstanding Domestic and Foreign Industry Representatives at one time
★Understanding latest international policies and standards
★Grasping the first hand information
★Experiencing the most effective advertising platform

  IFPS CHINA 2016 Schedule    
Summit Theme: Import Food Safety Supervision under the Background of Internet+
Date:June 13,2016
Venue: Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai
Hosted by: China Entry & Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association
Organized by:Shanghai Golden Commercial Exhibition Co., Ltd.
08:30 The Chinese and Foreign Leaders’ Morning Meeting
08:50 Opening Ceremony
  Host: Wang Junbing, Vice-president & secretary-general, CIQA
  Leader Speech
  Zhang Qinrong, Deputy director general, AQSIQ
  Ge Zhirong, President, CIQA
  Yu Taiwei, Director general, Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau
09:10 Introduction on Regulations and Policies of Import Animal and Animal Products
  Li Jianwei, Director, Department of Supervision on Animal and Plant Quarantine of AQSIQ
09:40 German Food Safety Policy and Impacts on Food Export
  Dr. Hermann Josef SCHLOEDER, Director, Division for Trade Promotion and Quality Policy German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture
10:10 Tea Break (Sino-Germany one-on-one Meeting)
10:30 Analysis on Quality Safety of Chinese Agricultural Products
  Bureau of Quality and Safety Supervision for Agro-products of China’s Ministry of Agriculture
11:00 Red Meat of New Zealand: Meeting Market Demand with Optimal Method and Innovation
11:30 Analysis on Hygienic Registration System for Import Food Processing Enterprises Abroad
  Wang Gang, Registration Department of CNCA
12:00 Lunch
13:30 Analysis on General Situation and Development Trend of China Animal Husbandry Industry
  Gong Guifen, Vice Secretary-general of CAAA
14:00 Risk Management of French Meat Industry
  Guy HERMOUET, Chairman of Cattle Business, French Animal Husbandry and Meat Industry Association
14:30 Interpretation on Anti-smuggling Rules of Prohibited Goods in the Process of Clearance of Food Import
  Wang Wei, Director, Investigation Department of Anti-smuggling Bureau of GACC
15:00 Inspection and Quarantine Safety Management System of Dairy Products Import and Export
  Food Department of Shanghai Entry & Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association
15:30 Tea Break (One-on-One Meeting)
15:45 How Denmark Achieve Food Safety and Clean Production
  Mr. Soren Tinggaard, VP of Danish Crown, Representative of Danish Agriculture & Food Council
16:15 Analysis on China Import Food and Fresh Products Policy
  Lin Wei, Director General, Bureau of Import and Export Food Safety of AQSIQ
17:00 Current Situation of US Red Meat Production and Supply
  Mr. Joel Haggard, SVP, APAC of U.S. Meat Export Federation
17:15 Wine Party
18:00 Banquet (Sponsor: National Poultry Council Chamber of Commerce of Poland)
Note: Detailed schedule is subject to change
  Part of the participant organizations    
  国家质量监督检验检疫总局 General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine  
  中国国家认证认可监督管理委员会 Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China  
  上海检验检疫局 Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau  
  中国海关总署 General Administration of Customs of PRC  
  法国驻华使馆 Amabassade de France  
  法国猪业联盟 INAPORC  
  法国驻沪总领事馆商务投资处 Business France in Shanghai  
  巴西出口投资促进局 Apex-Brasil  
  巴西牛肉协会 Brazilian Beef Exporters Association-ABIEC  
  通内斯食品 Toennies Food  
  波兰国家家禽商会 National Poultry Council Chamber Of Commerce Of Poland  
  嘉吉投资(中国)有限公司 Cargill Investment (China) Ltd  
  河南双汇投资发展股份有限公司 Henan Shuanghui Investment And Development Co., Ltd  
  北京二商大红门肉类食品有限公司 Beijing Ershang Group Dahongmeng Meat Food Co., Ltd  
  德国肉类与奶类协会 German Meat and Diary Association  
  西班牙肉类企业联合会 OECE/CONFECARNE  
  西班牙驻华农业部 Consejeria Agricultura Beijing  
  美国驻上海总领事馆农业贸易处 United States Consulate General in Shanghai Agricultural Trade Department  
  美国肉类出口协会 U.S. Meat Export Federation  
  澳洲肉类及畜牧业协会 Meat&Livestock Australia  
  福建圣农食品有限公司 Fujian Sunner Food Co., Ltd  
  挪威海产局 Norwegion seafood Council  
  韩国农水产食品流通公社 Korea Agro-Trade Center  
  上海水产(集团)总公司 Shanghai Fisheries General Corporation(Group)  
  丹麦农业与食品委员会 Danish Agriculture& Food Council  

  The Secretariat Committee:

Tel:021-31151073     Contact:Shirley Gong     Fax:021-50131761     E-mail:

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+ IFPS CHINA 2016 Forum Application Form.doc     Click to download


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